Safer, Better OpenAI integration

Currently in Beta

Protect your OpenAI API key.

Keep your OpenAI prompts secret.

Update your prompts without updating your app.

View queries in real time.

And more...

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Simple, Powerful

Incredibly easy to integrate. Adds Protection and Power to your app.

Chat Defender is built to help secure your app, and to give you additional control through features like live prompt editing, logging and reporting.

More Secure
Your openapi key, and your prompts are no longer exposed in your app.
You control what prompts can be used.
Live Prompt Updates
Update your prompts without updating your app.
Easy Integration
Use our drop-in sdk replacements
or simply tweak your API calls and change your endpoint
More Power
Edit prompts in real time.
View queries & responses in real time.

Frequently asked questions

What's the danger of embedding my OpenAI key?

It's fairly easy to extract keys for your app. Tools like ProxyMan or 'man strings' make a simple start. You can protect against these to some degree, but ultimately - your key is in your app, so it is accessible.

Doesn't this just make my ChatDefender key an equivalent target?

Chat defender only works with specific prompts that you provide, and with specific variable substitution. This makes ChatDefender keys less valuable as they can't be used for any purpose. Additionally, ChatDefender limits the endpoints which a key can be used for, and allows you to monitor what your key is being used for in real time.

Can't I just use an API Gateway like Amazon?

Absolutely. Amazon's API gateway is designed for exactly this kind of task. However, it's fairly complex to set up and doesn't immediately give you access to features like live prompt editing, logging, viewing prompts, etc. I hope that Chat Defender is priced so that it makes sense for you to use a specialised ready-build solution instead of spending your time building one.

What's the cost?

I have launched Chat Defender in beta before Paddle has approved my account, so right now it is free! When billing goes live, an Indie plan (which should be sufficient for any app until it is a blockbuster) will be $19.95/month. If you're enteprise-scale and I need to rent more servers - then I'll have to charge more.

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